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House Viewing


We are a relocation company that specialise in corporate lets by placing professional and corporate tenants
from local businesses, companies and hospitals into high-quality shared houses.


We are looking for local letting agents to work with in order to rent houses on
long term leases for a win-win arrangement. We have a mass volume of clients at the moment but do not have the houses to tenant them. Therefore we are looking to take on one or two houses a month in order to supply our high demand.

The tangible benefits to the progressive letting agent are numerous:

  • You will get the tenant find fee from the landlord

  • You will continue to get the management fee from the landlord (if the property is currently fully managed by you)

  • We ensure that the agents we work with receive great value from our relationship and are provided with a hassle free, long term tenancy solution with a greater return on their landlord’s investments.

  • You would not be required to undertake any work at all except pass the guaranteed rent to the landlord

  • We upgrade the house and put our corporate tenants in and we do all the management and deal with all tenant enquiries which enables your resources to be reallocated therefore saving costs.

  • We would take care of the property and be responsible for rent collection from our corporate tenants. 

  • We return the house at the end of the agreed period in a better condition than when we started as we maintain it to a very high standard throughout agreement by providing a regular cleaner and weekly maintenance checks.

The letting agent simply needs to find us a suitable property and then collect your commission for the next 5 years with little effort on your part.

What is a suitable property? We are actively seeking 3+ bedroom properties – We can use properties in any part of town and in any condition.  Even the dirty, smelly ones!!

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